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Why do some of the designs that I digitized with AutoPunchâ„¢ turn out better than others ?

1. Notice when you choose the image that there are many different formats. AutoPunch gives the best result when using vector type images, such as .wmf. The software must be able to recognize a color (block) of information. A “. bmp” can be made of millions of colors making it impractical for use.
2. Clipart falls into two basic categories, Vector Art and Bitmapped Art.
3. The software is capable of vectorizing the “.bmp” image, but it may loose detail, depending on the image. It is essential to understand about the type of artwork or image used with AutoPunch.
4. Vector Art is a clean “graphic” blocks of color – by simple definition. Some common formats - .wmf and .emf are two formats that the Auto Punch software can read.
5. Bitmapped Art is the type of “format” that is typically saved when scanning. The computer sees millions of colors to create the “realistic” type of image. Even a 3-color design that we see as simple has billions of pixels. Common formats recognized by the software: .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .pcx, .pcd, .tga, and .psd.
Tips for Auto Punch:
1. Scan art with a “high resolution” (200-300 DPI). 
2. Scan at 3-6 times larger than the intended output. 
3. Lines that are too narrow to properly sew out are eliminated by the software when it cleans up the artwork.
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